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Company profile

Yueqing City Yongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, formerly known as Yueqing City Yongsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Hongqiao Town, Yueqing City, West Industrial Zone, adjacent to the G15 Shenhai expressway, the company is a collection development, manufacturing, sales as one of the specialized in producing all kinds of automobiles, motorcycles, electric circuit connector, terminal, fuse box, fuse products electrical companies. The company's major customers, Changan, Chery, JAC, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shaanxi and Jinan truck, and, also part of the company's products and Gree, Midea domestic appliance brands supporting.

The company always tracking industry new technology and new product development, has from the domestic industry leading enterprises in the introduction of technology and management talent, has a fast and efficient management team, invested a lot of money every year for the development of new products to meet the rapid development of our. The company's quality policy "to manage quality, quality tree brand, brand re innovation" to "quality first, service first, honest and trustworthy, common development" for the purpose of the enterprise. To provide quality products and satisfactory service for our customers.

Welcome letter and old customers to visit us and work together to create brilliant!

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